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Supera la complessità

Le applicazioni potenziali di Intelligenza Artificiale sono infinite, estese, estremamente varie.
Non c'è una soluzione unica che vada bene in tutti i casi.


Sapiens Analytics interviene per superare questa complessità.

Il nostro approccio è semplice ed efficace.
Non usiamo strumenti o piattaforme preconfigurate.

Puntiamo dritti al centro del problema, articolando flussi algoritmici con molteplici modelli, ottimizzando e migliorando flusso e modelli progressivamente per risolvere il problema in modo sempre più accurato.

SAPIENS Big Data Hub

SAPIENS BDH is the technological platform that allows you to connect your data sources and external data sources in a single nosql semantic repository, the basis for AI-driven analysis algorithms.

SAPIENS BDH allows you to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence processing systems by connecting your data sources through special connectors.

The connector will take care of pre-processing, normalizing, reorganizing and materializing the data useful for the processing processes in the Big Data Hub platform, without any modification to your original data systems, which will therefore remain unchanged and will continue to function within the operational processes. already in place.

The result will be a digital twin of your company's information system, always updated in real time and specifically optimized for Big Data processing.

In cloud or On-premises

SAPIENS Big Data Hub will be available to you as a cloud product, for less structured companies, or offered within a more sophisticated on-premises installation and maintenance service.

In any case, SAPIENS Big Data Hub will be entirely managed by Sapiens Analytics, which will take care of all the activities useful to keep it efficient and make it scalable in parallel with any variation in the amount of data produced.

Additional data sources

The specific SAPIENS Big Data Hub Platform created exclusively for you, may also collect data from web crawling, harvesting or other automatic or semi-supervised data collection techniques.

La A.I. all'opera

Abbiamo sviluppato una metodologia chiara, affrontando la complessità dei problemi, raggiungendo risultati chiari, nel minor tempo possibile.

Data Science Acceleration

A taylor-made consulting service with the aim of facilitating the integration process between your data sources and the Big Data Hub management system, in three phases:

  1. Verification and analysis of the company data system, both in terms of internal procedures and data collected / generated by the products / services that the company offers;

  2. Possible proposal of best practices to be adopted or further implementations that may be useful to produce a more effective data lake , possibly also integrating third-party sources, both paid and open data;

  3. Using off-the-shelf connectors and possible creation of custom connectors to complete the process.

Data Acceleration

Analytics Framework

Realization of complex algorithms for:

  • Interpretation of the existing : algorithms able to complete the data present or compute inferable information, ie facts not directly detected but observable from their interpretation;

  • Decision optimization : able to indicate the actions to be taken to improve specific parameters or outputs of the observed processes, possibly also obtaining an estimate of the impact on other parameters that are to be monitored or constrained;

  • Prediction of future behavior : algorithms that on the basis of observations and any complementary data from other sources are able to indicate how the parameters will behave in the future and highlight any critical issues before they occur.

Analytics Framework

Full Customer Experience Service

3 Management interfaces

All available algorithms are used through three types of management interfaces:

  • Interface for managing the parameters of the algorithms and the semi-supervised learning process, through which your domain experts can guide the training process of neural networks in order to govern their behavior and indirectly load your knowledge into the system;

  • Interactive analysis interface , which allows you to manually execute the interpretation, optimization and prediction algorithms, examine the results and navigate the Big Data present in the hub;

  • API (machine-to-machine) interface that can be used to integrate the Artificial Intelligence functions offered by the Analytics platform into your products, enabling advanced functions and extending the commercial offer. This mode of use, in particular, is the one that enables the effective increase in value of your products and allows you to derive the greatest benefit from the use of Sapiens Analytics services.

Customer Experience

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Bring AI into your products and services to make more accurate predictions, automate decisions and processes, and optimize employee time.

  1. Verification and analysis of the functionality of your products.

  2. Shared design of new Artificial Intelligence features and the technical path necessary to develop it.

  3. Implementation of new products that incorporate new AI features.

We are able to support both companies that already have an ICT structure capable of operating on development, and companies that require a complete solution that includes all the digital components of the product.

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