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Our Mission

A new generation of Big Data Analytics processes.

Finally centered on the human factor.

Our Story

We intend to transform the relationship between people and technology by empowering your creativity and skills.

For us Artificial Intelligence specialists, developing algorithms, processing data, extracting knowledge and decision-making skills can be relatively simple and fast.

But that's not enough. How many difficulties do companies encounter in adapting the technical and organizational structures? How much time and what resources are needed to make AI applicable and operational?

Sapiens Analytics removes all technological and operational obstacles between the theoretical potential of Artificial Intelligence and the ability of companies to take advantage of it.

Our promise is to create a new generation of fundamentally human-centered data analytics.

We help companies rationalize the acquisition, integration and management of Big Data generated by their products or processes.

We provide not only algorithms and means to apply them, but we do more: we integrate automatic output with the 'human interaction, both in the internal decision-making process, both in the creation of advanced features for products.

We support companies by creating a mini R&D laboratory that works on the required topics, but remains embedded in the university environment.

The advantage is to have access to advanced and abundant human resources, without ever disconnecting from the training and research environment.

In general, the alternative, that is to have qualified and dedicated internal resources, would mean having to invest excessively outside the core business. AI is extremely more complicated than traditional IT and, while the investment for system administrators or internal developers may be justified, it rarely is for data scientists .

Furthermore, it also risks being inefficient to disconnect them from the University.


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